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Workhorse Hard Drives

by on Mar.27, 2019, under QNAP

I have become a huge fan of QNAP’s NAS solutions. Not only are they affordable, they have been a proven solution in the small to mid-size business space. If you are looking for a well performing drive that will run tasks 24/7 for 3-5 years, I recommend checking out Western Digital’s Red Pro line (Amazon –

You can confirm they will work with your NAS using QNAP’s compatibility list

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Don’t throw away your UPS

by on Mar.14, 2019, under Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

I always recommend getting a standard desktop UPS, such as APC’s 850VA BE850M2 on Amazon or APC’s 1500VA BX1500M also on Amazon, to protect your hard drive for dips in power (brownouts and blackouts).

At some point your UPS’s battery is going to fail. It’s common to want to replace the entire UPS unit, but you can save a considerable amount of money by simply replacing the battery.

Most manufacturers, like APC, offer a battery replacement lookup tool such as this:

Here’s a running list of battery cartridges I encounter with inexpensive replacements with Prime shipping on Amazon:

APC RBC109 – BR1500LCD, BX1500LCD, BR1200G, BR1300LCD, BX1300LCD, BN1250LCD

APC RBC17 – BE650G1, BE750G, BR700G, BE850M2, BX850M, BE650G, BN600, BN650M1, BN700MC, BN900M

APC RBC124 – BR1500G, BR1300G, BX1500M, BX1500G, SMC1000-2U, SMC1000-2UC, BR1500GI, SMC1000-2U, SMC1000-2UC

APC RBC7 – SMT1500, SMT1500C, SMT1500US, SUA1500, SUA1500US

APC RBC33 – BT1500, BT1500BP, BR1500, BX1500, SC1000, SN1000

(Note this is not APC branded)

(Note this is not APC branded)

Amazon is a great solution for ordering if you have access to a Prime account because these parts tend to be heavy and expensive to ship.

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Still using a serial interface?

by on Mar.13, 2019, under Serial Interfaces

Many of us find that the serial interface is still widely deployed, but it is become harder to find computers with a build in interface. While I have had a lot of success with USB devices such as the Tripp Lite Keyspan High-Speed USB to Serial Adapter (Amazon –, there are some solutions that have trouble interfacing over a USB connection. I have found a great PCIe X1 card on that works well with Windows 10’s native drivers (Amazon – I hope if you have need for a similar solution, that you can know this one works!

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Trouble with your wireless mouse?

by on Mar.03, 2019, under Hardware

I’ve been encountering more and more radio interference with wireless keyboards and mice than ever before, particularly Bluetooth based devices. It seems like LogiTech’s Unifying Receiver (such as this mouse on Amazon – also runs on the 2.4GHz band. I’ve also noticed that plugging the receiver into a noisy USB 3.0 port seems to be more problematic than a USB 2.0 port. If you run into trouble, I recommend plugging the receiver in the front of the computer (using USB 2.0 if possible), try clearing as much line of sight as you can, update the drivers/firmware from the manufactuer, and re-pair the device with the receiver. Space any re-pairing procedures apart by at least 30 minutes since some Microsoft devices can pair with the wrong receiver if you set them up back to back.

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